Snow clearing #fail

It boggles my mind as to how inept Hoboken is at clearing snow from the streets and crosswalks.

If you get updates from the City via e-mail or text you will have seen an alert sent out Sunday February 9, 2014, at about 10:14 a.m. advising residents that starting February 10, parking enforcement will be back on and plows — instead of the street sweeper — will be used to clear parking lanes.

Then at about 2:22 p.m. another alert comes out stating that because of ice, parking enforcement is suspended because trying to plow the ice may damage the equipment.  Allegedly a back hoe will be used to clear empty spots of snow in the meantime.

That’s what you get for waiting a week to clear snow. Any normal town or city with predominantly on-street parking would have cleared the snow within 48 hours.

Embarrassed that we supported Dawn Zimmer for re-election.  She should know that clearing the streets and crosswalks of snow (and now ice) is more important to City residents than her silly diary.

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4 Responses to Snow clearing #fail

  1. uhiugiug says:

    “Embarrassed that we supported Dawn Zimmer for re-election”


  2. walkit says:

    Time to abandon that car…or move to the burbs…

  3. Jason says:

    Zimmer is awful

  4. Melissa B says:

    No need to be embarrassed you can make up for voting for her by helping to recall her.

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